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Mighty Battles Game is the latest title from Hothead Games, best known for its Kill Shot franchise. Playing out kind of like ClashRoyale,but with a few tricks up its sleeve, your mission is simple – destroy enemy bases and work your way up the rankings.

Mighty Battles Game – To do so, you need to build a squad of powerful and effective units before leading them into battle. It’s a straight forward enough premise but with a scattering of free to play elements and some other quirks, you’re going to need a helping hand.

Features of Mighty Battles Game:
– Take command over a small army and a military base.
– Fight against enemy troops and destroy their base placed on the opposite side of the map.
– In this Mighty Battles game you will take control over the troops as well as do strategy planning in order to destroy your enemy with your own hands shooting from heavy machinegun.
– Enemies attack your positions from their base.
– Shoot accurately and get points for every killed opponent.
– Spend points to increase and upgrade your army which will attack enemy base.

Mighty Battles Tips, Cheats, Mighty Battles Guide and Strategies is that helping hand, guiding you through the basics of Mighty Battles, and ensuring you might yet be a Commander to be reckoned with one day.

Enjoy Mighty Battles Game!

What new in version: 3.0!