Subway Minion Run Adventure

Badusova Tchou

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  • Subway Minion Run Adventure


Great endless adventure games of 2017: Subway Minion Adventure Rush.
Try now Subway Minion Adventure rush on the jungle surf and
start collecting the bananas and gems.
Try to rush as fast as possible with fast minion !
Enjoy playing with Banana servant rush on this adventure subway with
your minion and be aware of subway enemies and beasts.
No need for jetpack in rush of minions! What are you still waiting now .. just try Banana
adventure in jungle rush with minion.
This is a really addictive adventure rush endless type of minion jungle games.
Start playing on one single minion world! Avalaible now for all fans of minion rush
series, jungle run and completely for free, much fun with minion adventure run throughout
bananas and obstacles. Be like a flash to play minion.

Subway Minion Adventure Rush is the best new game that is going
to be funny to all despicable me followers, and the fans of minion for sure.
Again, it’s completely free. You can get it and become the best minion adventure player
You have to surf dush and rush with a jetpack or even hoverboard and you have to collect
the maximum number of bananas to beat the gorilla.

Run, jump dush and rush into the subway jungle as if you
are a fast minion hero of despicable me to beat the gorilla and your previous highscores.
There are so many coins and banana available to help the fast minion
be faster like in despicable me series.

Try now the great new adventure run game in subway rush. Subway Minion Adventure
servant rush! You have full control in your subway minion jungle
game with minion adventure to be the best super hero minion winner on this adventure.
Funny character of rush and hopping minion game. You have 3 types of sbires minion to chose from.

Features :
-Fits all ages and minion fans.
-Amazing 3D cool graphics.
-The game is totally free for despicable me fans, no need for internet connection
-More characters to unlock other than the minion ( crocodile and the robot).

How To Play:
1-Slide up with finger to make minion jump on Banana subway jungle rush.
2-Collect the bananas and coins in minion world rush.
3-Avoid all kinds of beasts and escape the man trying to catch the minion.


What new in version: 1.0!



Badusova Tchou